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No, it shouldn't....

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http://www.wpsdlocal6.com/2017/12/13/prosecutor-says-laws-should-treat-addiction-as-a-disease-not-a-crime/ It's not a damn disease Mr. Blankenship, it's a damn addiction. People don't CHOOSE to catch diseases, an addict does in fact CHOOSE to do their drug of CHOICE. Diseases can be treated with medications, maybe not cured, but, treated. How in the hell do you plan on fixing a drug addict by getting them addicted to what is oftentimes MORE addictive substances? Guess what dummy, you just lost your next election, and you will never be the judge here. Sucks to be you. An addict is the ONLY person who can fix him/herself. You have to first WANT to not be addicted to something. Then, take the required steps to stop it. Step 1, set your meth pipe down and stop sucking on it. Do I think jail is the answer? No, I do not. I think the addict is the answer. This mamby pamby everybody's got feelings crap belongs in a daycare center, not a damn courtroom. I believe Judge Telle has probably shown you that before. The softer you are on idiots, simply reinforces their idiocracy. 9 times out of 10, the dopehead gets caught breaking other laws and then the drug charge is addaed because they found dope on them during the arrests. You know this, you're the damn prosecutor. 8 out of 10 of the addicts y'all give rehab instead of jail to, get released, do more dope, break MORE damn laws because now they are crooks that can't get jobs, and end up back in front of you again, this you ALSO know to be a fact. If a person doesn't WANT to be treated, no treatment can heal them. Either lobby to make drugs legal, and allow folks to suffer their own fate, or be the damn prosecutor and do your job.


  • It went from “it’s a cancer destroying society” to “it’s a disease to be an addict”.

    It’s not a disease.

    I’ve lost friends to addiction. I’ve seen addicts get clean, I’ve seen one literally OD and die twice in one night. I revived him once prior to medics arriving, medics the second time several hours later when he did even MORE heroine and his so called friends threw him out of a moving car at the paramedic station. And his family who are all addicts as well swore he just had an epileptic seizure and then threatened me for talking to police. They’ve melted their brains because somewhere along the way they decided their escape from reality wasn’t a book, movie, or nature, but drugs.

    I escape reality in a good book, or at the range, around a camp fire with my few friends, or in the woods. That’s how you’re supposed to do it. Choosing to do drugs and stay an addict is choice, and a choice I have no sympathy for until they try, and I mean reallybtrybwith more than words to get sober and clean. Another choice.
  • It can be BOTH. Some ppl CHOOSE the circumstances which lead to an Illness.

    Obesity, Diabetes, some forms of Cancer, etc are "lifestyle Disorders." Because ppl CHOOSE to feed the Risk Factors.

    But some ppl DON'T choose. Burn Patients, Amputees, ppl given Narcotics WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT (this is more common than most ppl realize.) These are TRULY Victims of Circumstance who DIDN'T choose to feed the Beast.
  • I disagree that it can be both. Still, everything you listed is a far different scenario than someone sticking a needle in their arm and robbing granny to be able to afford their next needle in the arm. Or, glass pipe being sucked on, or powder up their nose, take your pick, samey same. If an individual is so weak minded that when they look in a mirror they don't notice their own eyes sunk back in their head, their teeth rotting out, the 75 lbs they lost, or the scabs all over the body where they claw themselves to pieces, over a period of about 2 months of straight geeking? That's not a disease, if anything, it's more of a deformity, of the brain. People CHOOSE to be addicts, period. I done alot of bad things between the ages of 16-18, it ALMOST cost me my future. I CHOSE to join the army and make something of myself. Yeah, life is hard, especially if you are poor, but, using your miserable life as an excuse to become addicted? I'll never buy it, it's a cop-out. Like most everyone else on the planet, I too have family members who are addicts, even though I still love the person they USED to be, I don't cut them any slack either. It's a choice, not a disease.
  • It seems that those of whom you speak are "Recreational" or "Casual" or "Social" Users who got hooked. But during and after WW1 and 2 MANY servicemen got hooked on Morphine because of War Wounds. They DIDN"T have any choice whether to get stick w that Needle. A Cpt or Major did it to them.

    Yet, when they are Discharged, now the VA doesn't cater to "Junkies" so they tell them to shape up and kick the Habit Cold Turkey. No aftercare, just "Tough it Out." Many injured Service-personnel have it better today. But STILL they don't get to CHOOSE while they are Gov't Property.

    Also, Civs who are given Morphine in Hospitals not because they are in pain, but rather so that the Staff needn't tend to them. This is called "Patient Care." USMCTanker could back me on this one. They give out Meds like candy so that they don't need to interact w Patients, just give them FeelGood Pills.

    And how many Elderly practice good Med Schedules? "The Doctor said to take them, so I take them." Yet, you don't NEED to take that many. I self-titrate my Meds. Take every 4-6hrs? NO! I'll take 1/2 of 1 every 4 hrs. And I'll stop or skip if the Pain is tolerable.

    And the Gov't makes NATURAL remedies ILLEGAL! If I can chew on a Coca leaf or make a THC tea, I don't NEED addictive opioids. I can let my body use nature.

    This is a Gov't caused Problem, that the created so that they could manipulate the Market and Profit from it. Now, the can Solve the Problem that they created, and take the accolades for "Saving" people.

    Look at the History of how Drugs became illegal. And how Medical Licensing works. I can't get a simple molecule unless I pay $500 for someone to write a piece of paper that I take to someone else and pay them for the Privilege of taking something, because Gov't made Nature illegal? Milton Friedman wrote extensively about this Racket.
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    That's nice and all, but, still NOT THE SAME THING. NONE of those circumstances were a "choice". Nor is any of those medications illegal. Did you by any chance click on the link? We're talking meth, crack, cocaine, heroine, ice, pink, yada, yada. We ain't talking about someone getting morphed on a battlefield. Those surgery folks, needed meds to survive the surgery. Old folks, needed the meds to regulate health, still, not a choice, but, also NOT a disease. If they abuse said meds, and continue using them AFTER the doc says stop, CHOICE. If they take them differently than prescribed and get hooked, CHOICE. Legal or illegal drugs makes no difference, still CHOICE. If you've been busted multiple times and can't get it through the cranium that it's destroying your life, NOT a choice, pure stupidity, for which there is NO cure. When I hit that deer, they prescribed me oxy for pain, it got me higher than the empire state building, my wife saw great humor in things I said and did. I enjoyed the buzz. During my first doc visit, you should have seen the look on the med personnel faces when I CHOSE to ask them to reduce me to ibuprofen 800. Choice brother, plain and simple.
  • No I didn't click the Link. I was addressing the Argument, not the Article.

    My Counterpoint was that SOME on Heroine are there through no fault of their own. The OTHERS...get the rope! LOL o:)
  • got to agree wih you scout, it's choice, Ive seen it at it's worst" in my opinion".
  • I agree with Scout also, I hate taking my pain and muscle relaxers because not only do they make me so tired all day, makes my perception and spelling more difficult, intensifies nightmares, yadda yadda yadda ......
    I have been off of them now for a week and boy-howdy am I feeling the pain, but I'm not going to live like that, that is not living, that is nothing but refusing to take personable responsibility and excepting the fact that pain is a part of life, a part of living.
    I only take mine when I have to, not just because they are there, there is a BIG difference, and I have always been like that.

    My oldest daughter...... she is a meth-head and a pill popper, she has NO physical damage at all to warrant it other then she likes how they make her feel. In and out of jail and we have only spoken in passing a few times in the past if she happens to be over at her younger sister's place when I stop over to visit. We didn't speak at all for ten-years because of it all.
    My younger daughter used to think that she could save her older sister from herself and would be angry at me for not trying to help her anymore.
    Well it took her two years to finally see what I had been trying to tell her, and she has now had enough and is trying to move out of state for awhile so as to get away from her older sister and leave her to sink or swim.
    She got started on it all by a boyfriend while in high-school who's father was an ex-cop and would do them with his son and deal in them, as I found out later.
    The father knew the law and manipulated it to his favor, as a result the small mountain school that my kids went to that had an average graduating class of under 30 kids per year K-12 suddenly had a drug epidemic that reached down into the lower grades.
    No one really did anything other then to make the normal fusses and drug education which turned into the kids reporting their own parents for anything that the teachers told the kids to look for at home.

    Oh , and I was warned by the Sheriffs Dept. to stay away from the father and son in question, and that if ANYTHING happened to them that I would be their number one suspect.

    Are some of you out there beginning to see why I'm so angry at the system now ???

    It's a choice, albeit a hard choice at times, but still a choice.

  • My home county was tied with the two right below it in WV for the most OD deaths in the nation percentage wise. 45-50% of ALL deaths of people 15-55 in that county were from OD. And, not just that they had a high percentage, those counties have high death numbers as well, and they don’t count the deaths from people killed by drivers who are high as hell, accidents that cause death while high, deaths caused by someone that was high, or death due to complications of addiction or overdose in the actual overdose numbers.

    I knew several people who just chose to get high who are now dead because they got addicted after CHOOSING intentionally to het high the first few times. You can’t get painkillers in those counties legally anymore without jumping through a million hoops, haven’t been able to for quite a few years now, so how are all these people getting addicted? They CHOOSE to because it’s cool, it helps with the pain of life, it makes sex better, you can play video games better, it relaxes you faster, you sleep better, I’ve heard them all as excuses, and they don’t care when their friend dies on the couch next to them. They dump their drugs down the toilet or grab their bag and run out the back as medics and police come in the front to try to save an OD victim. I had a neighbor die twice in one night with family right there with him doing the same crap he was. I recussitated him the first time and medics came to try to transport but he refused. He did more later that night and his sister and her fiancée dumped him out of a moving stolen vehicle at the ambulance garage while screaming out the window he OD’d on heroine, again. It was real fun with police all over the apartment complex the next few days trying to find them. A month later he OD’d again, this time I didn’t even call the cops and when they begged for help I said I couldn’t because my certification had expired and I could get in trouble. He died again while waiting for the ambulance, watched them Narcan his ass and shock him, then transport once they had a pulse again. I moved that weekend to the country, had enough city life and attempted robberies and constant sirens for OD douches.

    This wasn’t just one set of neighbors, it was half the damn county like that. We found a guy dumped in the snow one night behind his own house who OD’d, and his family got scared so they said he went for a walk, must have got high elsewhere and just didn’t make it home. They forgot to cover the drag marks though, led from the back porch straight to his heels.

    Do they all have a disease? Did that many people in my home county have serious accidents that caused addiction later? Or are these people weak and a disease themselves because they want to be cool or some other weak argument?

    I feel bad for the ones who get hooked because of legit injury and meds given to them while they have no say. But I highly doubt there are as many as they try to make us believe. Especially with all the regs you have to follow now. Even people who need pain meds can’t get them, so how are all these new addicts created? By their choice.
  • That's all true Gents. MOST ppl jump through Hoops to become Addicts. Noone forces them. They steal from Family and Friends, either the Meds directly or the money to buy them. They have NO EXCUSE other than "I was bored and curious."
  • I get tired of people using their drug use as an exc use to why they are a sorry motherfucker....I spent most of my 20s and 30s on dope,and never stole ANYTHING......Icooked up a couple of batches of bathtub dope, worked extra hours, gambled, junked etc
  • Weak minds create weak character which create weak morals adding up to weak people who then bring pain and suffering to those around them! Every choice has a consequence attached, so when friends and family that refuse to act for whatever reasons have only enabled in some form or fashion. This shouldn’t be society’s problem, let’em reap what they've sown, until the pain of same exceeds the pain of change nothing will happen. Another result of allowing government to replace G_d; NOTHING GOOD can come from Man’s attempt at Kingship…
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    Like Scout said it's a CHOICE not a disease. The public defenders are no better, they get the addicts released to return their normal routine of theft, robbery and extortion only to return jail and start the whole process over again so the PDs, prosecutors and judges more money.
  • Like Barrett said it's a merrygoround, you know there's a pay day there somewhere.
  • To return to the OP:

    The Reason that DAs and Gov'ts are trying to reclassify Crime as a "Disease" is to absolve THEMSELVES of the Guilt of CAUSING yet another Avenue of Crime and Moral Decay.

    If they say that Drug Use is a Disease, then that wipe a crapload of "crime stats" off of their Books. It ALSO shifts the Burden of Treatment/Punishment/Aftercare to another Political Subdivision.

    When it's a Disease, "victims" can get SSDI/Medicare and several other forms of FEDERAL welfare, instead of the STATE having to House, provide Legal, Medical, etc to their Derelicts. This turns Druggies from a DRAIN into an Economic BOON for Locales and States. Now they can charge the FEDs for all manner of needless fluff. And Congress just keeps voting to fund the Pork. Because it's a "Feelgood" Policy. One designed to show "compassion" rather than the Tough-Love which would actually BENEFIT the "Victims."
    Think about it. Private Prisons (fueled by Local Corruption) led to Millions being Incarcerated under the "Zero Tolerance" Drug Policies. This was a HUGE Financial Drain on their respective States. Now, those same Idiots who lines their Pockets w dirty kickback $$$ are finding a NEW Cash Pool. The FEDs! States can't print $$$, but the FEDs can! So, kick the can another few blocks down the street. Let the next Generation of Crack Babies worry about Valueless Currency.

    And Ironhorse made a particularly salient post. It's the ENABLERS who are MOST to blame. We attempted to cede our Responsibility to Gov't. But it can NEVER be given. We still bear Full Responsibility for whatever Gov't does in our Name. We must FIGHT them when they go astray. Not just blame "the masses" and throw up our hands in surrender.
  • insamuch as some substances cause physical withdrawel, I guess you could say it might be a self inflicted illness
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