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Bursting that Ken-tucky bubble and showing no one is invulnerable

Taken from the Young Conservative article:

“Kentucky State Representative Dan Johnson (R) has reportedly committed suicide following allegations of sexual misconduct. According to WBRD, Johnson ‘killed himself on a bridge on Greenwell Ford Road in Mt. Washington, and the gun was recovered.’”

His twitter account had somewhat of a suicide note on it as well.


  • FWIW, I’ve also read the accusations were investigated and not enough evidence was found to move forward.

    Enough is enough, and no one is safe, most especially the innocent seeking or holding political office apparently.

    If we’re all totally honest, based on how loose the accusations are that end careers now, I bet everyone can be brought down. Who hasn’t said something stupid or done something stupid that was innocent and meant as innocent that could be mos construed? Who hasn’t done something stupid but not so innocent but no where near a crime that based on these new standards couldn’t be brought down because of it? God only knows you can exclude EVERY Infantryman from political office if the standards are that low. Even the most religious and holiest would laugh at an off color joke on occasion, and I’m sure someone somewhere in the NCO club at the time feels harassed or assaulted now looking back at that incident.

    I don’t know how many time I said in the bar after getting a triple dose of liquid courage that “I came to fuck or fight, who’s interested in either one?” I guess it’s good I have no political aspirations, I’m not wealthy enough to pay hush money, not already elected to use tax money for hush money, and not dirty enough to just kill accusers like some politicians seemingly have a penchant for.

    Now something decades old cost a man enough he felt suicide was the answer. Anyone else see this as bullying?

    Also, for the record, I’ve thought this even while Dems were being accused from the 90’s and before. Some people are stupid, some are predators, and some predators make stupid people seem like predators.
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    Here's my take on it, now that he's done this, he was guilty as charged. And here's why I believe so: why would a man who so adamantly preached "suicide sends you to hell" commit suicide? My opinion, he knew he was guilty and deserved eternity in hell. That, or he was "Clintonised" for his "Obama/monkey" comparison remarks. I'm leaning more toward guilty as charged. I've said it before, we do have a few bad apples in the Commonwealth just like everyone else. I've never met this particular Ky politician, rumors circulate that he never done anything good for us anyway. I don't know, I never paid him any mind as he usually stuck pretty close to the non-conservative areas of Ky that most true Kentuckians claim "AIN'T part of Kentucky." All that being said, my condolences go out to his family who would probably tell me to stick my condolences up my ass. Nevertheless, they have them. Because just like ALL douche bags, somebody loved him. In my mind, offing yourself is a cowardly way out, and I have very little respect for a coward. ALWAYS stand up and fight, win or lose.
  • My Response To Any "decades old" accusation of.. "He touched my Butt" or "He Asked Me If He Could Kiss Me"... And So On...


    Screw You...Prove It !!
  • I don’t think he did it. he was investigated and there was nothing. Maybe he feels guilty because something happened BUT it really was nothing but a burden to him because he feels bad someone felt they were wronged by him. Maybe he DID do it and IS a perv and this was his out because he figured hell one way is the same as hell any other.

    He killed himself because it destroyed him, and his demons won no matter what the reason. Everyone has demons and they aren’t always bad to others.

    This is reality, not Monty Python where we weigh witches against a duck then BURN THEM!!! Accusations need real investigation and trials before lives are absolutely destroyed.
  • Maybe he did, maybe he didn't, but, now he's sealed all opinions in the direction of GUILTY by "running". So to speak.
  • Did he show any signs of Depression, Substance Abuse, Major Life Changes, Family Issues, Financial Problems, etc?

    Anything could have triggered his Suicide. Not just Guilt, and not just THIS particular Accusation. Maybe he did something ELSE that troubled him...
  • Maybe, that would be a question for his loved ones though, I never met this guy.
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