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Hey Texas, Y'all are welcome....

I'd just like to say, "You're welcome." Since you Texas boys can't seem to keep your trash at home, we Kentucky boys are taking care of it for you. In the last 8 months, we've shot or locked up multiple home invaders, ALL FROM FRIGGIN TEXAS! They are even still current residents of Texas when they came to break our laws. Y'all better start teaching your crooks that OUR gun laws are LESS restrictive than YOURS because we don't mind putting a cap in their asses. And yesterday, we took care of this little sumpin, sumpin, for yins too. http://www.wpsdlocal6.com/2017/12/11/police-fugitive-texas-10-wanted-list-arrested-murray/ So, you're welcome, but, no thank you is required. We kinda enjoying ourselves. Hahaha!


  • Oh, in case any of y'all go to wondering how come Marshall County Sheriff's department is always involved regardless of county, it's because that's who owns Western Kentucky S.W.A.T. We call it SRT instead of S.W.A.T. here, or, Special Response Team.
  • Actually, our laws are just as lenient, and more so in some instances.

    Why do you think they leave Texas? It ain’t because we’re easy targets.
  • Thanks for doing all the good work.
    Most of us have reached our bag limit, so the FreeRange Criminals have migrated to Greener Pastures. LOL
    Guess those are the stupid ones. Most of them go to Cali where they get PAID to be criminals. Especially SanFran likes to pay these scumbags.
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    Lol, dammit WR, you took this post to well, it was aimed at you mostly. I was trying to get a rise out of you! Hahaha! But, seriously though, if your "troops" down there are unaware, we kinda got a feeling something bigger is afoot. Yall's "troops" may want to contact ours if there's something y'all know about and we don't yet.
  • sradeski wrote: »
    Actually, our laws are just as lenient, and more so in some instances.

    Why do you think they leave Texas? It ain’t because we’re easy targets.

    The gun laws? Don't y'all gotta have a permit to even open carry?
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    Sorry Sradeski, I just looked them up. Texas gun laws suck balls worse than I had previously thought. Y'all are Australia in comparison to Kentucky when it comes to gun control. You guys have to have what's called a LTC unless you are on private property just to even carry it across a public parking lot to your vehicle. We can even carry ours into the courthouse openly (as long as it contains other public offices, ie. drivers license, county clerk, etc. NOT if it's courtrooms only.) with no permit whatsoever. In my mind, that's equivalent to Illinois' firearms owner id thingy. We can conceal on PRIVATE property with no permit. One thing I did like, which is very similar to here, it's a crime to attempt to disarm someone who IS legally carrying. However, it's much more difficult in Texas to reach that legally carrying status. The only difference between our laws and constitutional carry is the permit required to conceal. Most folks go ahead and buy the permit for the reciprocity while traveling. The one's that rarely travel don't, they just open carry. Also, our legal definition of concealed, is less restrictive. Here, it simply has to be easily recognisable as a gun, (the statute says weapon, not, gun as we can carry any lethal weapons we choose, even brass knuckles, stars, stabbing weapons, nun-chuka, etc. etc.)basically. In the vehicle is different. As long as it's on the dash, in the glove box, on the seat, in the floor board, mounted, on your person in a position that would be visible standing, in the trunk, or ANY FACTORY installed compartment, it shall NOT be deemed concealed. Under the seat is considered concealed unless inside a compartment. And this applies to residents AND non residents. Compare the laws yourself brother, don't just take my word on it. You'll probably want to move again if you do. Lol
  • KRS 527.020 Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapon.
    (8) A loaded or unloaded firearm or other deadly weapon shall not be deemed concealed on or about the
    person if it is located in any enclosed container, compartment, or storage space [regularly] installed as
    original equipment in a motor vehicle by its manufacturer, including but not limited to a glove
    compartment, center console, or seat pocket, regardless of whether said enclosed container, storage
    space, or compartment is locked, unlocked, or does not have a locking mechanism. No person or
    organization, public or private, shall prohibit a person from keeping a loaded or unloaded firearm or
    ammunition, or both, or other deadly weapon in a vehicle in accordance with the provisions of this
    subsection. Any attempt by a person or organization, public or private, to violate the provisions of this
    subsection may be the subject of an action for appropriate relief or for damages in a Circuit Court or
    District Court of competent jurisdiction. This subsection shall not apply to any person prohibited from
    possessing a firearm pursuant to KRS 527.040.
  • Yeah, once the CCW went through, the Instructors lobbied to create ever more increasingly restrictive weapons laws.

    "Traveling" once was a Defense to Prosecution. Now that and others have been stripped out.

    Now, nearly anything can be an Arrestable Offense. Then a Jury must hash it out. The Defense at Trial is "commonly employed for a Lawful Purpose." So a Screwdriver is illegal to hold, unless you are purchasing it, using it to fix something, or carrying it from storage to USE in fixing something.

    IE: Bikers carrying screwdrivers and ball-pin hammers in their pockets to use in fights is illegal. They must be stored in Saddlebags whenever not Lawfully Employed.
    Scout: I"m not sure what you mean. It's common Practice for Police to issue "stern warnings" to petty criminals and offer to put them on a Greyhound bound for another non-bordering State. One estimate is that 50% of the Homeless in Cali are from TX. LOL
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    Are you serious? That's insane! Our boys only offer them rides to the "county motel" for a cold meal, hot shower, steel cot, and public restrooms. Lol ...... And here a tool cannot be considered a weapon. So, a concealed box cutter is simply a box cutter.
  • Alaska and Arizona have the best laws concerning guns IMO
    And Let me tell non Texans that our laws really dont reflect our culture TBH
    and in defense of Texas gun laws, we have rifle open carry on permit, we have the castle law, which in addition to protecting Texans to protect themselves at home legally, it also means your car is an extension of your home so you can pack in your ride without a permit
    also there is 46.04, which gives(albiet in a limited form) second amendment rights to ex felons who have completed their sentence(including probation or parole) and stayed clean for 5 years or more
    Also, in Texas, you can open carry BP revolvers with no permit
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    The ex felon is a good one, but, after 5 years trouble free here, felons can get it expunged and get ALL of their rights back.. But, really, a permit to OC long guns? That sucks, the source I was checking yesterday said no permit required for long guns in Texas. We also have castle doctrine with no duty to retreat, and ours extends to "any place you are legally authorized to be." Our bp weapons are same as regular firearms. Yes, Alaska, Arizona, and Vermont win hands down. I wasn't smacking on TEXAS or TEXANS, just your crappie gun laws y'all are so proud of, lol. Kentucky wins again. Next? HAHAHA!
  • I meant no permit for long gun OC
  • Oh ok gotcha. I didn't think you did, most States don't. Except maybe Illinois.
  • WV smacks down everyone across the board with the exception of felons being restored.
  • I wish Texas and WV were right next to each other, I’d be in “Almost Heaven” a LOT more.
  • sradeski wrote: »
    WV smacks down everyone across the board with the exception of felons being restored.

    all bullshit to the side, I don't give a fuck about the LTC.....cuz Ive been stopped a bunch of times, including with weed on me.....and no 5-0 ever fucked with me about bein strapped
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