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Facebook Issues

Okay so I have been once again trying to figure out how to do this whole facebook thing due to some members on here trying to get me to do it so as to check out other threepers and after over two-hours tonight I am still lost. Is it just me in that there are way too many options to keep track of, how do you find the "join" button for certain groups, what is this whole "like" thing and what does it actually do , etc etc etc ?
I don't have a kid handy to ask these things of much less try and program my vcr for me. Yes I still have a vcr hooked up along with my 1st gen dvd player, anything newer I have no idea about and that little Roku box that we picked up last year still gives me fits !

Sooooo, what did some of you have problems with on fedbook and how did you overcome them ?

Please this is no joke, this is really bugging the crap out of me and at this point I really can't get any more specific then what I have already written. Is there a beginners guide out there somewhere to help people like me ?


  • "Likes" are simply tracked. The # and ID of who "liked" what you said. There are also "mentions" and "shares."

    Yes, there are too many options. Yes, it's difficult at 1st to navigate. The best Option is to have Members share "friend requests" and then you "accept" them. Once you find someone who you know, you "may" be able to send THEM a Friend Request. BUT, only if their settings allow it... :(
  • LOL. P.M. Brother I hear you on that, I never had it and never will. I know I would be kick off that, wife has it and when she shows me some of the liberal crap that gets posted I want to blow up on them. No I'll just stay here lol.
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    What fascinated me was that I found out that there are Canadian Threepers !
    I really wanted to explore that and reach out to them to do so, but as I would scroll down the screen it would just keep filling up with more and more nonsense, it seemed like it was a bottomless mug of coffee that just when I thought it would stop it would start jumping and filling up again !

    My kids say that "I'm funny when I rant", yeah I guess that I am, but the sad part is is that they think I'm joking when actually I'm not..... It must be in the goofy faces and tones that I use that throws them.
    As the late Rodney Dangerfield used to say ......"I can't get any respect !" hahahahahahahaaaaaa
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    I didn’t realize how old school you are PM haha. You gotta start somewhere though. It was pretty hard for my grandma at first but now she plays games on Facebook like a pro haha. Just give it some time and you’ll figure it out. Since your on Facebook Join the III% United Patriots of Colorado group:
  • You can always call your favorite adopted son fool lol
  • Lol, ever need help with something you don't understand, just call the kids to open child proof wrapping! Hahaha!
  • It’s like puberty, ya gotta play with it to figure it out.
  • sradeski wrote: »
    It’s like puberty, ya gotta play with it to figure it out.

    Omg! BWAA-hahaha! :D
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    I can soooo feel the love right now ...... hahahahahhaaa
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