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Survival food: most calories per ounce

In another thread, we were talking about traveling light.
Being that I am in less than ideal shape, I also don't like carrying a lot of weight.
So I did some very unscientific research as to what food has the most calories per ounce. And what I came up with was peanut butter, and dried coconut chips. They both have about 200 cal per ounce.
I think pure fat would have about 230.

^ Not kosher! :D


  • Thanks for reminding me of that. When I was out in South Dakota visiting crazy horse, one of the guys there told me about something called a Tanka bar.
    It's bison meat mixed with cranberries.
    they're fucking delicious.
    made by local Indians.
    if you want to try something amazingly delicious, and help the Indians out a little, see if you can buy some online.
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