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House passed national CC Bill to senate

Hard to believe it's not posted here yet, my bad if I missed it. This would be a YUGE step forward for gun rights.


  • It's a good thing. Gotta remember, alot of states are "SHALL ISSUE", states. That means as long as you are legally authorized to OWN a weapon, they MUST give you the concealed carry permits. This guarantees that a Chicago revenue collection clown can no longer harass a visiting Kentucky Concealed Carrier. So yes, it's a win for our rights. I do believe that it should be a National Constitutional carry bill instead because I believe concealed permits are backdoor registry. But, I ALSO believe that there are people who don't need to carry because of personality issues or carelessness. Concealed permits are an example of state governments at least TRYING to do their job. When the system works and prevents easy access by an actual criminal (which is rare), it's a good thing.
  • Texas denied a License to Carry to the church shooter. They found enough in his history to say no, and the Feds have access to a larger database... go figure.

    I love this state more and more every day other than the Californians moving here...
  • I read that Cali approved recreational ganja, hopefully enough fuckwit States follow & stop bringing the lowest in the losers here.
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