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Supply Purchase Schedule

I’m wanting some help putting together a supply purchase schedule for new guys.
I was thinking alternating weekly purchases of food/water, ammo/mags, sanitation, etc. What do you guys think?


  • Kinda need more information on your meaning of "supply purchase schedule". I'm going to answer based on what I "think" you meant. Did you mean, "What individual gear someone needs in what order." ? ...... Here's my thoughts if so, ........ Knowledge.Shelter, water, weapons, food. In that order. Most folks say weapons first, but, spears are easier to obtain than tents. Have them purchase their rolling gear, then fighting load, then ruck and comfy stuff. Poncho, canteens, cup, fire starter, compass, blades. They are the first items needed (imo). Once the "gotta have it to live" stuff is on hand, then start in on the long term stuff. Weapons, sleeping bags, ammo, food, yada, yada. Then your "bug-in" stuff. Can't carry all of it while running for your life anyways, so, go for the most important things first. Don't be ashamed to get it from "good will" (used), outdoor gear is meant to be worn and dirty.
  • I’m saying they have the basic essentials for it, but they don’t know what to purchase first referring to the previous list. I was more or less thinking of buy a Group of items that compliment eachother in two week intervals, so every pay period they spend X amount on complimentary items such as knowledge and experience, food and water, weapons and ammo, that sort of thing. Most people I know are paid biweekly, or weekly.
  • Just remember the laws of 3. 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. Schedule complete. Next mission, Sir? Lol
  • Good rule to keep in mind, but they want some sort of list and according schedule for it. That way they can mark up a calendar, and go from there.
  • Ok, so, use those laws of 3 and make them a schedule then. This week, buy a tent, next week, a sleeping bag, next, a canteen/camelback, next some water purification tablets, next week, buy 2 mre's, etc. Come on brother, you're smart enough to pull it off for them. They may even call you LEADER after that. ;)
  • Woobies week one
    Camel backs week two.
    Take a few weeks/pays to save for a pack
    Post pack weeks camp food to last one fat boy week (3 good meals a day which will actually last a month on Recon rats)
    Next purchase period(s) Minimum 5 pistol mags and ammo to fill them twice over.
    Next purchase minimum 10 magazines for your primary and ammo to fill them all twice over.

    There’s your minimum base I would suggest as a baseline for your question, but like Scout said, you know your guys and group better than any of us, so you need to help them figure out what they can and want to afford, and what’s needed in your area/group.
  • I don’t really have a defined group. These are just friends that want to get into the preparedness movement, better late than early I suppose. For you combat guys, you served in an SHTF situation, granted you had resupply routes, and logistics to replace busted gear, but yet you still went through it all. I have not served, neither have my friends, and we all are looking at guidance from all who can help. I don’t aim to be a leader, I’m second in command of my local militia that spans from GA-WA. My CO is a former human intelligence guy for the Army. He’s hard to get ahold of from time to time, because he works the safer zone at Levinworth.
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    Intel huh? So he's one of those dipshits that can't relay proper information given by scouts back to HQ, then to Washington, then back to the generals, who then relay even worse discombobulated information to the grunts? 35Mike, Gotcha. Lol
  • Now Scout, we all know Military Intelligence is an oxymoron, but damn son! Laying it on pretty thick eh?
  • Hahaha! Nah, I'm just messing with ya. Lol
  • You know the rule about PB&J and sarcasm don’t you?
  • You mean the one about a glass of milk preventing it from sticking to the roof of your mouth? Lol
  • No sir, a person that lays their sarcasm on thick, do the same with peanut butter and/or Jelly on their sandwich.
  • Hmm, no, don't think I ever heard that one. But the question remains, is it better with a glass of milk? HAHAHA!
  • It depends how you like your milk, if you catch my drift hahaha
  • In D cup brother, is there another way? Lol
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