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SCOTUS free speech hearing today.

Today is the day that SCOTUS gets to hear whether or not baking a cake is free speech or not, which will have far reaching implications beyond cakes, but many other artistic non life saving/sustaining practices. It could also play a part in religious practices given the baker is claiming religious basis for his refusal to create a custom cake for a gay wedding. Its not whether they support or deny his claim, its also going to be how they support or deny his claim. This is something that we really need to pay attention to. They are allowing firearm bans by not hearing cases regarding that, and that is bad enough, but this case coupled with that could really signal something much bigger really taking off and not being a fringe in most peoples eyes over reach and massive power grab. There's still a lot that would need to happen for a true grab, but like planet orbiting a black hole, once it passes the event horizon in the swirl, there's no where for it to go but down to oblivion.


  • That's a Colorado case I believe. The baker offered a cake or other product immediately but refused his "Artistic Freedom of Expression/Speech", in designing said cake, that also went against his Christian beliefs. That is what makes this case different, or so they say, it's the "Forcing of an individual to express themselves through their ARTISTIC BELIEFS to do something that they are not comfortable in doing".

    The LEFT doesn't want to go against ARTISTIC BELIEFS, but have no problem going against those who do it due to a RELIGIOUS BELIEF.
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