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Heads Up...Gun Confiscation IS Starting..

Now...This is Some Bullshit.

The FBI has been Given the Thumbs Up to Confiscate 4,000 Guns from people who "Shouldn't" have Passed the Background Check when They Purchased Their Guns....



  • I saw that.

    Mostly people that were not suppose to pass a background check but did.

    How would you like that job.
  • This isnt a new thing, its just making news because of what happened in Texas thanks to the Air Force failing miserably. That doesn't mean to ignore it at all, especially since things like an officer getting killed serving a warrant in Texas yesterday occur.

    Its simply a matter of the government failing to enforce the "reasonable" gun control we already have in place when it was supposed to be enforced, so they are going back and correcting their mistakes, and making it public now so they look good in the eyes of the anti gun crowd. This just skews how they look at it. Dont let it skew your view of things more than it should.
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