The true basis for WW2 and others.

Hitler's War - What the Historians Neglect to Mention

After PM's Bushwich vid, utube gave me more suggestions. Many were about WW2 tech and "Super Weapons" of the 5 Major Belligerents. (USA, UK, Ger, Rus, Jap)

But it also gave me the above 2 links. The 2nd contains much info that I had already read in History Books about how the USA committed War Acts against Japan by embargoing Necessary National Strategic Materials such as Oil, Rubber, Steel, Tin, etc. And that it was UK and Fra that forced both WW1 and 2 upon the Axis Powers. But the 2nd link includes many facts that I hadn't heard and so can't verify. That Hitler made 20 Peace Overtures to the West concerning Poland and the League of Nations Mandate of Danzig. That it was the Poles who were starving and beating/killing ethnic Germans the way that Nazis later would Jews in Germany. That the Czechs also beat/raped/killed Germans in the Sudetenland in violation of the Versailles Treaty. That Sudetens were to be an autonomous Region under self-control. But the French and English encouraged Civil and Human Rights violations against the Germans. That Austria was under Military Dictatorship and only "Loyalists" were allowed to vote.

Have any of you come across this info before? I hate to believe anything which I haven't researched for myself, but it's in line with OTHER facts that the OSS and USA/UK Propogandists have repeatedly lied about. So that tends to give these claims added weight.
The 1st link reminded me of the Sex Harrassment Agenda that the Left has been waging. That "Elites" can get away w the "sexual and financial" abuses with which they are bribed, and then extorted.

We all know about the Bohemian Grove, Pizza Parties, and Hollywood and DC Sex Abuse Rings. I didn't listen to much more of this vid because it was too dry and contained much of what I'd already heard before. But included it for anyone interested.

This is why the Entertainment, Education, Financial, and Judiciary are all so vital to the NWO plot. The same with Anti-Fa, Occupy and BLM. They are the Useful Idiots who distract from those Elites at the Top creating the REAL problems. And instead seek to turn We The People, against each other. :'(
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