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WTF!? Missouri....MISERY more like...

http://www.wpsdlocal6.com/2017/11/30/missouri-parents-accused-putting-infant-son-microwave/ Why in the hell hasn't one of you Missouri boys done choked this child's parents out? And is your prosecutor dumb as fuck? This is attempted murder through and through with a confession to boot! My microwave can have a cup of coffee hot enough to scald your hand in less than 20 seconds. A hunk of chicken in 30. But an infant? How much meth do you have to smoke to get this friggin stupid? Sorry, this one just chaps my ass! :#


  • This is Felony 1st Degree Stupidity, no doubt!

    But my microwave is 1100w. It takes 66sec to make coffee tepid, and 99sec to get hot. A turkey needs an internal probe and about 30min. Thus, in order to create 2nd Degree Burns, they would have had to listen to the Baby screaming for SEVERAL minutes while going through the various stages of heating and Injury.

    The biggest problem is that without the probe, the waves heat the skin 1st. W a probe, it would have cooked its internal organs.

    Short story, these parents either committed Aggravated Injury to a Child, or Attempted Murder. Their Statements and physical Evidence would determine which to Sentence them for.

    Another Issue is that neither Parent has been given an Attorney. Now we wonder what methods were used and if they were competent to MAKE any Statement. If they were under the Influence, maybe they were led in their Statement and tricked into signing away their Rights, and Confession. Hopefully it's all on Video to remove any lingering doubts about what occurred.
  • Well, don't really matter to me what they charge or convict them on, they ought to be hung on a cross in town square till the buzzards get fat.
  • This is one of those cases where there should be civ. or community law to deal with individual's and the public servant's are called to clean up the mess left.
  • Instead of a cross, I'd like to see them impaled on a stake. It would take days until they died of infection...
  • Welcome to Missouri, we have more inbred methbillies than any other state. Our drivers suck too.
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