No, seriously! It's my well! bp747liduts1.jpg
I just built it yesterday out of scrap material, lumber, and used (straightened) nails. I'm so proud of me! Lol, I'm generally better at destruction than CONstruction. But, I think I pulled it off! Hahaha!


  • Nice looking Well House !
    Better looking and more sound then some of the old ones that I had to work in back in the day.
  • Yeah, that white, factory built, fiberglass POS only lasted a few years. This'n gets some paint and I'm thinking the (future) grand children can figure it out when it's due again, lol.
  • Make do with what you got, and it looks like you did that quite...well.
  • Speaking of making due with what you got..... that building in the background was also built from scrap. Cut off ends and pieces from construction sites and old wooden pallets. It's the beginning side of a 2 story, 3 bed, 2 bath house. It's being built in a fashion as if sh ALREADY htf. No power tools, ALL salvaged materials. It will look like an old horse barn on the outside when it's done. AND I do mean the "old" part. It already has escape measures installed in case of like a fire and stuff. ;) AND..... It's completely self sufficient and OFF GRID.
  • That is awesome
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