Podcast and YouTube suggestions

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I wanted to post some podcasts and YouTube channels that I’ve been getting really into lately. Some of them might have views that some of you might not agree with but all of them seem to be open minded and don’t lean left or right for the most part when it comes to politics. Feel free to post any podcast or YouTube channels that you frequent.

The Joe Rogan Experience:

Joe Rogan has really interesting people on his podcast, anywhere from celebrities to geologists and theoretical physicists.

Survive The Jive:

This guy talks a lot about European history and a lot of it has to do with the pre-Christian history of Europe.

Dan Carlin:

Dan has two podcasts. In the first one he talks about world history and the second one he talks about current events.

Hardcore History:

Common Sense:
I couldn’t find a link to the Common Sense podcast but here’s a video of Dan Carlin on the Joe Rogan Experience:


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