Practice your shooting skills

If your going to carry

LOS ALAMOS, N.M. (AP) — The FBI says a customer at a northern New Mexico bank shot at a departing robbery suspect outside the bank but apparently didn't hit anyone.


  • And that's why I practice and shoot competitions as much as possible.

    Dry fire if you can't get to the range. It's what the Pros do.
  • That customer is STILL a better shot than Chicago PD. At least HE didn't shoot any Innocent Bystanders. (Ouch. lol.)
  • Dear Cheif
    No one was more surprised than I when I shot and innocent bystander.

    Yea that's a bad day.
  • Firing at someone has a tendency to shake one's nerve as bad if not worse than being fired upon. All those thoughts of prison rape and justification do play a key role in your accuracy. Flip the switch, practice, and hit your target.
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