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Black Friday is here, find any good deals; preps or otherwise?

With all the online sales going on, I figured we could get a deal thread going. Soldier Systems has a page they're updating daily with deals form different vendors, I've already spent over $200 today alone and its not going towards the wife or kids.



  • Gadsden and culpepper has good deals on 3%er shirts.
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    Depends on what you wanted.
    Palmetto already SOLD OUT of their Mil.Spec BCG's that were on sale at $59.99 + Free Shipping.
    The $39.00 + F.S. Anderson AR-15 Lowers are SOLD OUT.
    The AR-15 pistol kits and carbine kits complete minus the BCG and Lower at $209.00 are SOLD OUT.

    So for $310.00 plus maybe $10-15 dollars shipping on the kits you could have build a complete AR minus any sights or scope.

    I'm going to save up and wait till the day after Christmas for the real blowout sales.
  • I'm going to save up and wait till the day after Christmas for the real blowout sales.

    I was thinking the same thing. Businesses gotta make room for the new stuff somehow!
  • The gun industry is starting to hurt bad now with Trump in, and after riding the Obama fear wave for the past eight years and reaping record profits they still have to pay the bills .
    If YOU guys can, be watching ..... https://gun.deals/ ..... and set some extra cash aside for the day after Christmas and the two-weeks following that. That is the absolute best time of the year to be buying guns, ammo and accessories because EVERYBODY else is mostly broke and bills still need to be paid and the credit cards have been maxed out.
    Grab as many 80% receivers, kits, magazines and ammo as you can because you can bet a dollar to a donut that the Left will be ramping up for another fight and then the prices will go back up.

    2nd Largest Gunmaker Nears Default As Americans Buy Fewer Firearms Post-Obama
  • Nordic has $700 complete uppers on sale for $300...
  • Sgt of Arms has 10-15% off custom built rifles. They build some amazing rifles, I've shot against them in competition and if the shooter is capable, the rifles are more than adequate.
  • 5.11 Tactical has great deals today and some through the the weekend. Up to 25%off IIRC
  • 3%ers are offering freedom.
    And it's good year round.

    The price is pretty high, though.

    But well worth it.
  • AAC is running a sale currently up to 75% off store wide, gonna grab a tri-lug adapter for my Tirant next paycheck.
  • https://gun.deals/category/gun-parts?sort=price&dir=asc&caliber=1576
    Lower receiver for $29.99, but $24.07 with coupon "HOLIDAYS2017" and free shipping. Remember that these need to be sent to an FFL!

    Stealth Gray (similar to Magpul stealth gray) - http://www.tnarmsco.com/the-ride-engraving-ar15-stealth-gray/ (no poverty pony, instead, there is a freedom pony!)
    Green - http://www.tnarmsco.com/2nd-amendment-ar15-rifle-green/
    1000 x 666 - 1M
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    Anderson Stripped AR-15 A3 Lower Receiver, Closed Trigger
    Item # WX2-680969
    Mfg. Number: AM-A3-LWF
    UPC: 820103629225
    In Stock
    5 stars
    Write a review
    SALE! (Was $59.99)
    Buyer's Club Info
    Non-Member $49.99

    Key Features

    Made in USA
    7075-T6 aluminum forging
    Mil-spec hard anodized black finish
    Mil-spec dimensions
    Accepts all standard AR-15 mags

  • https://gun.deals/product/davidson-defense-complete-ar-15-rifle-build-kit-comes-bcg-charging-handle-29995
    $299.99 With Free Shipping!

    Davidson Defense AR-15 Complete Rifle Build Kit W/ 16" M4 5.56 1:7 Barrel & 15" Pentagon Keymod Handguard

    Bolt Carrier Group Included + FREE Armorer's Wrench!

    (Everything Except Lower Receiver)

    Another Amazing Deal

    This kit was engineered for light-weight top performance and incredible accuracy, it touts some of our most tried and true parts, ensuring you get a build that will last and perform to the highest standards, all at a price that is totally unrivaled.

    And we are even throwing in a FREE armorer's wrench to help you put it all together.

    Just add your favorite lower receiver and you'll have a full AR-15 build that won't break the bank.

    This Kit Features a Digital Tool forged upper receiver -- best in class. A 16" XX-TREME Barrel Company M4 Carbine Black Phosphate Barrel In 5.56 NATO with a 1:7 twist Ultra High Quality for top-performing accuracy, a 15" Ultra Premium Davidson Defense exclusive handguard, a complete Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit and a very popular Alpha stock & Buffer Kit.

    Kit Includes:

    Digital Tool Forged Upper Receiver (The largest OEM manufacturer for the US Military)
    XX-TREME Barrel Company Premium M4 contour 5.56 Nato 16" 1:7 Twist Phosphate Barrel (Cryo-Treated)
    Davidson Defense Pentagon 15" Super Slim Keymod Handguard W/ Steel Barrel Nut
    Davidson Defense Premium M16 AR-15 Black Nitride Finish M16 Bolt Carrier Group BCG
    Mil-Spec A2 Flash Hider & Crush Washer
    DPMS Forged Charging handle
    Tactical Superiority Lower Parts Kit (USA-Made)
    Ejection Port Door Assembly
    Carbine gas Tube & Gas Block
    Alpha Stock & Buffer Kit
    Davidson Defense Armorer's Wrench - Deluxe Version Heavy Duty
  • Midway currently has CCI 34 and 41 primers on sale, and Speer Gold Dot 9mm 147gr projectiles on clearance ($15 per 100). The Gold Dots I haven't been able to get since Sandy Hook; just snagged 5 boxes. Now I have a reason to set my 9mm dies and prep some brass.
  • I got a Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40 with BDC for $99 bucks plus free shipping from CDNN.

    Also got a Vortex Sparc and 10 P-Mags for $199 plus free shipping.

    They still have the same deal (minus the free s&h)

  • Sorry. Forgot to put that I got the latter from PSA.
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