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New weapon in the war against tyranny

Brought home my new baby yesterday.(Not the same kind of baby that red dirt Texan or Taurarious recently brought home.)


It looks OK, and I don't see anything particularly wrong with it, but the trigger is very heavy. Almost 15 pounds.

I bought a model 629 about five years ago, and the trigger was about 12 pounds. So I sent it back to Smith for their action job, and it only took off about a pound.
Not worth the money and effort.
Dry firing it a lot seems to have helped more.
I'll probably have my local gunsmith do a trigger job on my 640 and then just do a lot of dry firing.


  • Im a revolver guy, but Ive ne ver shot, much less owned a hammerless job
  • I will say, that seems to be one of S&W's downfalls (imo), they can't get their heads outta their rumps when it comes to trigger pull. They've reduced it in newer versions of guns before, but, they rarely get it right the first time. It does wear down and lighten up though as time goes on, or, you just get used to it. Lol
  • M&P Revolvers have lighter triggers and smoother pulls. Custom Shop revolvers are even better, just ask Jerry Miculek.
  • My 1st pistol was a SW 369 9mm. Heavy DA trigger. Part of the reason that i fell in love w the GLOCK at 5.5#, which I reduced to 3.5#s w an aftermarket part.

    I won't buy a GMC or Ford because of the Bailouts, nor UNION gunmakers because they provide $$$ and jobs to Northern and Lib Districts. GLOCK is made in Georgia. I'll stick w them....
  • I spoke to the Smith and Wesson a couple of years ago, and they told me that they actually have to put HEAVIER springs in Jerry's revolvers, because otherwise the cylinder will spin too fast, and go past the lock up point, or something like that.
  • Did you talk to a gunsmith or customer service? Because if you understand how a revolver works, that doesn't seem plausible.
  • Customer service guy.
    I'm paraphrasing it.
    Maybe he said something like Jerry can pull a normal trigger faster than the action can reset, so they put the heavier springs in to slow him down a little.
  • Ignore what customer service said entirely, they have NO clue what they are talking about half the time and less than no clue the other half when it come to firearms function unless they are smith/builders as well, which is rare at a company like Smith.
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