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Survivalist milk

I found this stuff in my local supermarket. It's called Natrel.
It's milk that does not need to be refrigerated until it's opened. It has an eight or nine month shelflife, and then about a week, with refrigeration, once it's open.
It's made in Minnesota, and even the 2% skim has a lot of flavor.
No weird ingredients or Hormones, etc.
I think the price is two something per quart.
And as an extra bonus, it's packed in rectangular boxes, so they stack up nice and tight.


  • thats awesome
  • There are several brands of shelf stable milk, and it's pretty popular in Europe. I like Parmalat when I can find it. My grandmother (Straight off the boat German) got it a lot, every time she could find it actually, then I started to as well.

    The only difference is it is heated MUCH hotter during pasteurization than "regular" refrigerated milk. There are different variations of it from different companies, and it's usually not too spendy unless you get that crazy uber organic that the hippies and almost vegans go after.

    Good find and good share TLP.
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