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buzzfeed author mad that weinstien didnt rape/harass black women


  • Rush also mentioned this a few weeks ago. How the Left is more upset that he didn't victimize Blacks, than the fact that he WAS victimizing women.

    It shows how the Left truly thinks. That NOT being a victim is the greatest Tragedy of all. And that women and Minorities are nothing to them, only cannon fodder.
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    I'm surprised that they didn't throw a Fit that he wasn't abusing young boys. This makes him a Genderist and Ageist, right? After all, Biology is irrelevant and Age is but a #.

    No women in their 80s (ETA: or) boys in their teens? FOR SHAME!!!! :'( :s
  • Always the victim

    What now as a while male I have to rape and pillage equally?

    I guess I have to throw down my battle axe and pull out my check list make sure I am fair about everything.
  • He belongs to the left, I'm surprised they're not giving him awards for his performance.
  • Frank, they HAVE BEEN! For 20yrs despite him paying "hush money" to Celebs. Such as self-described "NASTY WOMAN" Ashley Judd, who says that she thinks with her vagina.
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