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Big Reno Gun Show Review

Kinda sad.

We pull into the Grand Sierra Resort and are greeted by signs saying. "No guns allowed beyond this point (entrance) including CCW & Open Carry. A person attending the show can now longer take a gun with them to sell. EVERY gun we saw purchased left the building in black plastic bags that were sealed on both ends. Ammo & ammo cans can no longer be carried through the casino area of the hotel. If you purchased a gun or ammo....you are required to exit out of the back of of the building.

Venders were really irritated and many are not signing on for any future shows that take place at that particular resort. Everyone agreed that this is a knee-jerk reaction to the Vegas shootings...AND the fact that Mark Cubin owns 51% of the company...that owns that Casino
Go figure. Anyways....another piece of Americana gone.


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