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Attention all Supply Sergeants

Supply .... such a dirty word, nowhere near as sexy as Cook now isn't it ? hahahahaaaa

But in all seriousness without a functioning Logistics System in place and the people that know how to run one then what you sexy mofo bullet pushing door kickers have in your three-day pack when you go out to beat down the Blue Helmets will be all that you have with no real re-supply to back you up.

So what are we going to do about this ? It sure as heck will not be "sexy", well at least to your average person, but to desperate starving people the "Guy in Supply" is the one that they want to know, second only to the Cook.

Any ideas, suggestions, experiences that you fine gentlemen can share ?

"The Supply Team supports the unit by procuring and delivering needed equipment and
provisions. They may also be used as messengers between the CO and the tactical units, or as
truck drivers and other personnel involved in the transport of men and materiel.
Re-supply is a particularly important consideration for all mobile units and for protracted
emergencies. Each unit should plan and provide for storage and independent caches of the
following: food, fuel, clothing, boots, shelter, medical equipment, combat equipment, arms,
ammunition, and communications equipment."

The Coalition, Scarcity and the Afghan Army Logistics System


  • Right now, I am boning-up with cast-iron dutch oven pots, pans and griddles in a work-grade tough-polymer latch-trunk for mobile kitchen / outdoor cooking setups. Gonna supplement with wooden spatulas, spoons, forks and plenty of Crisco [seasoning and preservation] and rags for all-around cleanliness/ sanitation.
  • As for equipment, stocking-up and setting-aside : webbing straps, zip ties, 550 paracord, bungie cords, tent stakes, fire-starters made up of dryer-lint-stuffed-into-cardboard-rolls, polymer snap-buckles, t-shirt rags for gun-cleaning, replacement trigger springs, ar-15 break down pins and 5-gallon bucket gravity-drip water-filtration setups.
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