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  • whats confusing about it? If your from the sticks you see this shit alot lol
  • Closer kin deeper in. We like our family tree looking like utility poles.lol.
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    What's confusing about it? When you create laws that allow ANYONE to get married to ANYTHING for the benefits, this is what you get. I'll be the first to say, "Cupid's a blind and sadistic little bitch.", however, love is in the heart, BETWEEN TWO INDIVIDUALS, it's not something that you need to tell everyone about with paperwork or gold rings. My wife and I are legally married, we got the paperwork, but, neither of us wear wedding rings nor do we own any. Nor do either of us feel the need to. Know why? Cause love is in our hearts, NOT our hands. We didn't marry for benefits, we did it for love. She's my FIRST and ONLY wife, been together well over a decade. If she don't want me no more, I walk, with my guns, gear, bike, and dog, she gets the rest. See, no need for "benefits". And y'all homosexuals wonder why it took a tyrant to make it legal? Because the REST of us know, you ain't doing it for love, you are doing it for monetary "benefits". Otherwise, you wouldn't feel the need in "showing everyone" how much you just "love" the penis, or, whatever your spouse believes he/she has or is.
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    Incest is still some sick shit....I dont care if its in your heart or in your pants...bangin your own blood is some sketchy backwoods deep in the hills shit thats morally wrong. Im sure theres guys in Woming in love with thier sheep and im sure theres haji in the middle east in love with thier goats but that dosnt mean im ok with them marrying one another. ...bunch of sick fuckers out thier and that mom and daughter in the article are disgusting people.
  • Does anyone even know where the word "insest" comes from? What makes it "morally wrong? Well, I do. It comes from the Holy Bible. And according to that book, this is only incest if the mom and daughter are IN FACT making sexual contact with one another. Which has YET to be proven about these two women. Fraud? Most definitely. Incest? Without an admission of sexual contact, or some type of video evidence of sexual contact, NO. Believe it or not, incest (according to the bible) can ONLY take place with an IMMEDIATE family member. IE, mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa. Notice I didn't say cousin? Now, that being said, I don't care how hot my cousin may be, I ain't going to bang her, nor marry her for the tax break or ANY other benefits that comes with it. Why? Cause I agree, it's gross. But, it wouldn't be incest in the eyes of my creator. Why do we think it's gross? Because we were all raised during a time on this planet that the earth is OVERPOPULATED and there are plenty of UNrelated people to choose from. And we've been TAUGHT that it's wrong. There's not a soul who visits this forum who if trapped ALONE together during the apocalypse with their cousin of opposite sex, WITHOUT any other people, that wouldn't be tapping that ass within a few months. Don't make it right (in my eyes) it's just nature.
  • no ...i wouldnt...i went two years without sex after my ex fucked me up in the head for a bit...and i had a 2nd cousin who wanted some D...i didnt bang her...i told her dad about it and he got pissed ....shes not ugly but no way am i getting some from my cousin...i can stick to wackin it if anything.
  • JWF wrote: »
    no ...i wouldnt...i went two years without sex after my ex fucked me up in the head for a bit...and i had a 2nd cousin who wanted some D...i didnt bang her...i told her dad about it and he got pissed ....shes not ugly but no way am i getting some from my cousin...i can stick to wackin it if anything.

    Tell me your opinion AFTER you firmly believe she's the last living female on earth. Lol
  • That was the SIN of the Daughter's of Lot ,by getting Daddy drunk and getting jigggy with him so as to repopulate the world since they all just escaped the destruction of the Cities of the Plains ,( well except for the pillar of salt that was now Lot's deceased wife that is) and as far as the girls were concerned the world as they knew it had just ended.
    However in their heads they thought that they were carrying out G-d's will by "going forth and multiplying" as per the commandment given to Adam and Eve.
    The girls, in a time of extreme stress, did what they thought needed to be done in order to appease G-d, the very same god that just destroyed all that they knew to exist.

    Interesting, ehh ?
  • I wouldnt bang my cousin....i would wack it intail it bled first ,.. cousin bangin is on parr with banging sheep to me.
  • Where is BCT/Tackleberry when we really need his take on a subject ??? :D
  • second cousin is as close as I will go
  • Sick puppies. LOL.
  • BCT sure "keeps it real" down there in Texas.
  • This thread escalated quickly lol
  • I'm trying to understand "44yr old Patricia's" motive.

    She married her blood son in 2008. Then he had it annulled by revealing the Incest.

    Then in 2014 she "hit it off" w her blood daughter who had been taken from her as a child.

    So, is she Bi? Banging both son and daughter? Is it for "benefits" as Scout mentions? Is she on Disability and getting married expands her Payments? It would get Medicaid for any Minors living in the Household.

    Something tells me that Drugs were involved. They often are in these Situations. But, there are other Factors at play.

    I've never been attracted to any of my near Cousins. I guess that "familiarity breeds contempt" and thus they repel me. There are even girls from my Childhood that were close enough that I thought of them as sisters. They grew up MEGA HOT. But I still can't imagine banging them.

    End of the World? Lot's Daughters? Who knows?
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