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So I opened my big mouth the other day in asking a couple of people at Home Depot , one of which was a Vet (11Bravo) about what they were going to do with all of those left over pumpkins. The Vet made a couple of inquires and was then able to "get rid of" about a good dozen or more then and there. He then gave me a call a couple of days later (see that, NETWORKING ) telling me to come and pick up some more.
Well this time instead of your regular commercial hybrid orange pumpkins we got about 35 green, yellow and other goofy looking pumpkins all in great shape, and the absolute best part is that they are all HEIRLOOM's !!!

Nobody really wanted them because they looked so different , who cares ! After we scrape out all of the seeds out of the biggest ones, wash them clean (no soap) , lay them out on wax paper out of direct sunlight but not to shady for about a week with plenty of free moving air, I then put them in envelopes lightly sealed and marked with what they are for next springs planting !

These can then be planted over and over again for years to come, and with some companies charging a buck or two a seed it is well worth opening your mouth and asking.

Besides eating them for pies and such they are a great vitamin boost for livestock and their seeds are a natural DE-WORMER for the animals also !

Just a friendly "out of the box " thinking for you'all .


  • Hey, PM...

    When they are ready, send me a pack. I would love to give them a try in my garden...
  • Bob and anyone else interested, please pm me your address so that in a couple of weeks when the seeds are ready I can mail them to you.

    They are all mixed up, so it will be interesting to see what grows !
  • Are we the home depot pumpkins of the patriot movement?
  • I need to spread these around my neighbors lawn next spring...
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