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Updating permissions.

I decided to alter permissions this morning since we have stalled other than here and there on growing our ranks. I had our site locked down, no one could see anything unless they were a member. Now, guests can see the site again, but they cannot view the Team Room, formerly Members Only.

Applicants can now participate after being confirmed via email in everything except the Team Room, and I am debating keeping applicants out of the Trading Post just so before we start trading with new folk, we have a baseline on who they are as best we can through posts on the internet.

Applicants will be made full members upon request after at least 30 substantive posts. Mods and Admin arent necessarily going to review every post, but we will realize right away if all we remember seeing from an applicant is "I agree" or "thats cool" posts trying to bump post counts.

An applicant who is referred by a current member will receive Member status without the minimum post count upon request of both the applicant and the current member. Remember Members, referring a newbie to the site means you are responsible for them for the first little bit until we see their merit of its own accord.

Members only areas may grow. I think there is one or two more categories to keep the Team Room from getting too cluttered but still share a lot of info with the blowing off steam posts as well. We will see.



  • I know I don't post much, but doing it like that helps me as when I'm out on the road (which is at times up to a month) I use my phone to read here. It saves me loging in all the time. Small phone old body don't always work.
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