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Reloading has many advantages, from saving money to making more accurate rounds for your rifle, to many other reasons.

I reload for everything I own except shotgun and 22LR, and I am working on shotgun as well.

Post what knowledge you have, ask questions about getting started or refining what youre doing. Share your equipment and setups.

Shared load data is not the responsibility of the site. If you use shared load data, you do so at your own risk. What is safe in my rifle may not be safe in yours. If you are sharing load data that is above published data, PLEASE state that as clearly as possible before and after the load data. If you share published data, please share the source. This isn't to give credit necessarily, but for others to follow up and see what room if any they have to go safely up or down according to that data.


  • Anyone ever detonate a primer while using a Dillon progressive?
  • Ive never seen it outside of youtube. I have two friends that have Dillons and Ammo Bots attached to them, and through thousands and thousands of rounds, they have never had a primer detonation.

    Almost every time Ive heard of it, its been because someone wasn't paying attention, short stroked (not paying attention), or extreme bad luck. If it was as large an issue as the loudest mouth haters make it out to be, Dillon wouldnt be THE most sought after and popular progressive press. HOWEVER, its obviously a slight issue at least since Dillon has the replacement parts in a "kit" ready to go if you should call after suffering a primer detonation. They probably realize some people really dont have a clue and some of us have bad luck, so they built the primer tube really well all things considered, and are ready to go if you have this issue.

    There is a reason that most firearm manufacturers void warranties with reloads. People dont pay attention like the manufacturing companies have to. Youre "playing" with some dangerous stuff while reloading, and at any point, something as simple as a static discharge could make for a spectacular fireball and an eyebrow-less you, and thats if you're lucky. You could double charge some rounds without noticing, and blow your gun and or face and hands apart.

    If youre asking to determine whether or not to get a Dillon, get one. Pay attention, read the instructions, follow them, and I doubt you could be happier without an Ammo Bot attached to it. You can have a detonation with any progressive, or even when doing everything by hand as single stage, and most other presses and tools are far less safe as they leave the primers exposed and in some cases even facing the loader, so if they detonate, they are blowing right in your face.

    Go Dillon. Thousands of top shooters and loaders cant be wrong.
  • I have a Dillion 650 and before that a Dillion 550.

    At one time I was cranking thru 4000 rounds a month. I have seated primers sideways, upside down, and hard pressed into military crimped primer holes where I thought for sure I would get a detonation.

    Luckily I have never set one off.

    Been lucky I guess
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