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Well, it's time again.....

Here we are again fellas, fall. Yep, it's that time of year again in central USA to switch out to the winter loadout. Changing everything over from woodland to multi-cam. Seems like just yesterday, we had this discussion in reverse. This summer REALLY flew by. Been so busy. All the leaves will be on the ground within the next 3 weeks, leaving a nice brown, stiff, noisy forest floor where sound travels further. But, at least sweaty butt crack season is done. So, if you ain't already did it, time to change camo for the season, just a reminder.


  • I'm good.

    MARPAT works all year in Florida.
  • Thanks for the reminder.
  • I got a shit-load of Realtree and Mossy Oak that I use durin' huntin' season.

    I have German flectarn at 2 of my possible BOLs.

    But I keep Woodland MARPAT in my rucks year round.
  • Yeah, that MARPAT is pretty effective here as well spring through fall. I'd choose the REAL or MOSSY for winter here above it though. Some fielded and swampy areas here I'd even choose it over the multi-cam. A-TACS does pretty good in the smaller urban areas around here due to the coloration of most structures. It does ok in the deciduous areas as it blends good with live tree bark and stone. Can't wait for that damn "Predator" camo to be invented. Hahaha
  • That flectarn would be real good up in your neck of the woods durin' the fall.
  • Yes, actually it is extremely good for about 4 and 1\2 weeks per year. Short amount of usage though keeps me from it being a go to camo. I just use the multi once the leaves rainbow out. Two sets instead of a duffle bag full of choices. I'd never get anywhere on time cause I'd feel like I had to change clothes every time I change environment styles! Oh my God, the madness that would ensue my tiny little mind. Hahaha
  • All my gear is based around my issue TA-50; since ACU is finally just about gone, I will be transitioned to all multicam or OCP by spring. Just ordered my first pair of coyote colored boots today.
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