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is it possible to do an 80% milled reciever for AK rifles

just wondering, because I have just gotten the paperwork for a company I am starting along with my nexxt door neighbor, and I found out that the stamped metal 80%'s cant be made with the tooling that I have available. can one mill an 80%?


  • You could mill one, but there's no 80% kit that I am aware of, so that would be a LOT of mill time. Taking a chunk to something that's usually a stamped piece of sheet metal would be insane, but fun if you had the means and like to torture yourself.
  • You could always use a snow shovel.
  • yea...then he could sell. some of those "shovels" on here since it wouldnt be considered a firearm.
  • Sounds like it's time to upgrade your tooling then.
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