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Are AR15 M4 clones obsolete?

I dont see them around as much as I used too ,are m4geries still a legit way of setting up an AR15(for the price)?


  • If it goes bang when you pull the trigger it is legit.

    All to many times we worry about what is the best way or the best scopes what ever is the best at the time. The truth of the matter is the best is what you use regular and can afford
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    I must be missing something, why would an M4 type/style carbine be obsolete ?

    The one that I built is an M4 style carbine but has a free-float Picatinny rail that just leaves the flash hider poking out of it.

    My next project, when I can afford it, will be an AR pistol, as I can build one for about $300 as opposed to trying to afford a AK pistol these days at about $700 !
  • I meant the m4 set up with fsb ,oval hand gaurds, m4 stock,etc...basically ar15s set up close to actual m4s...about ten years ago m4geries were all the rage. Has free float rails,two stage triggers, and muzzle breaks made the m4 set up obsolete? I hear mil spec triggers are more durable and reliable but ive never seen actual test.
  • Mil Spec isn't necessarily a strength or quality standard, it's a size standard. For the purposes of firearms, it's a standard sizing and parts commonality to create a lower cost to replace as well as ease of replacement of parts.

    Quality of Mil Spec parts comes from the manufacturer. Geiselle sells mil spec triggers, and I'll trust them over a gun show no name mil spec. I'll trust a gun show no name over a Jewell precision drop in for hard and dirty use, but I'd never trust the reverse for a high quality precision shooting trigger group for clean competitions.

    M4geries were the rage because 3gun and similar competitions weren't popular back then, so to be cool, you copied the military, or for some of us, we bought as close to what we were used to as we could. Now, an M4gery isn't likely to keep up in a fast past high precision game like 3gun, but it will function for just fun shooting to self and national defense.

    Firearms are becoming more purpose built than ever before. I have two rifles that I recently started converting from strictly hunting to strictly competition. If I absolutely had to, I'd trust them through anything, but they were rebuilt for PRS, going for perfect balance, new DBM, chambers were re done and re headspaced to be tighter, triggers set so low they would be a danger on the battlefield and possibly even while hunting. The same goes for many of the AR's I see in PRS, and 3 Gun, they are purpose built or refined.

    It's not that the purpose of the M4gery was left behind, or the desire to own them, it's more that people aren't mass buying right now, so "custom" AR's are more in demand for shooting sports and want to try's, and even simply the wannabes who never even try.
  • makes sense , when i say mil spec triggers i meant the basic single stage ones like what you wouldve used in the service. So whats the lightest you would recomend for trigger pull? for a defensive rifle? Ive got a Larue MBT(i kept calling it an lmt trigger for some reason) 2 stage trigger ..i like it and ive ran it in a couple carbine classes(one was a cqc shoot house type class) and i beat the hell out of rifle and dumped more rounds through it then i shouldve but im not sure if its smart to run this on a defensive rifle. i think it breaks at about 5lbs .... Larue designed these triggers with durability in mind, they built them out of s7 tool steel but the design on two stages and the horror stories of 2 stage triggers not functioning right kind of is off putting. The only mil spec triggers i like now are ALG defenses(bob geiselles wifes company, i think) and spikes nib trigger kit but even then you cant compare them to the Larue mbt...its like making a comparison between fingering whoopie goldberg and Jessica Alba.
  • My DB is set up free-float but my S&W is M4gery.

    I prefer the S&W.

    Probably gonna trade the DB.
  • Ive really been considering an m4gery not only do they look better (imo) but I like running irons now that ive became semi decent with them. Im not into competition stuff(mainly because theres nothing in my area outside of 3 gun).
  • Its not a bad setup, but we have seen a ton of advancement since the late 90's regarding rifle setup and shooting styles. I wouldn't feel undergunned with an M4, but Id prefer to have mid length gas tube, BCM's enhanced barrel profile, and a 13" Geissele or KAC mlok handguard over the legacy carbine length gas with clamshell or KAC RAS handguard.
  • Not really a "snob" with respects to buzzwords such as M4-gery....but I to cotton strongly to a Dissipator-style gas-tube/ barrel/ front sight-base [FSB] in an AR rifle...with A2-stock for balance.

    Reportedly, the "Dissy" is supposed to be super accurate Out-of-the-Box with plain Iron sights.
  • Im going with mid length either way...my Colt is the only AR that gets a pass for having a carbine length gas system.
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