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In addition to the Host's rules, we have a few here as well.

  1. No flaming or abusing other members. Anyone who was a member of the so called old site knows this isn't an absolute rule, but the mods and admin will take things into consideration when determining if someone is being flamed or attacked for no reason.

  2. No Porn. Its in the host rules, but Ill reiterate it here. I have no clue what the hosts definition of porn is, so please be cautious and mindful. Child porn is an ABSOLUTE NO GO. I said in the other post, I will seek civil action against you, and alert authorities if I find anyone here participating in kiddie porn in any way on this site.

  3. No threats of violence against anyone, especially members. Challenging another member to step in the ring at a local gym etc is not a threat in and of itself, but if refused and you continue to badger them, it will be considered a threat. We are here to develop a community, and sometimes a good ass whipping is in order, but it will be done correctly if this site is involved, heck, we may even make it a site PPV and generate some funds that way. Threats of violence do not carry over to military action, enemy combatants, or any other type of action that is legal. If its grey area, please just leave it off of here since its a host rules violation as well, and not everything is easily argued to keep our host or at least get our money back.

  4. Cursing is allowed, but keep in mind there are members that do not like it, and occasionally we will have minors view the site despite not being allowed to join. We want the site and community to grow, lets keep it clean and respectful.

  5. No intentional misrepresentation to cause harm or benefit.

I will be updating these rules in the future, but wanted to get the basics out of the way right now since we are up and running on a skeleton setup. What it boils down to as far as site specific rules is be respectful, even if it gets heated. I know things wont always be respectful, and the Admin and Mods will take things into consideration, and discuss if need be. However, there is no leeway with our hosts rules, at all. Repercussions from violations both site and host, will range from private warning, to public shaming, to permanent banishment with the possibility of civil and criminal action.

Yeah, I'm covering my butt, but wouldn't you if you were in my shoes? I don't want anything stupid someone on here does to bite me and my family, site members and their families, or participants who can follow the rules and be respectful of the work others put into this site.

questions, concerns, or otherwise can be directed to


  • Well Said...

    Just Be Cool, and Everything is Good...

    Just an Upfront apology.... I am Sorry for the Foul Language That "Pops Out" From Time to Time...:)

  • Like when you teach whittlin' Bob! Ha! Sorry dude I just had to!

  • That was all love man!

  • Got it CQR. However, I think it rather ignorant to point out something like you did in the open, that's why it was deleted.

    It will be looked in to.
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