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Will the AK platform make a comeback?

Someone had posted an article about Kalashnikov USA awhile back (on the old site) ..supposedly they were gonna be up and going last july...any idea what happened? Does anybody here think the platform will make a comeback?


  • AK's never went away and never will, so don't call it a comeback.

  • I just wish that AK-74's and it's ammo would drop down to just below what it costs to build a basic AR and 5.56.
    Then you would see some serious market competition.

  • yea they did go away...to a certain extent at least... after Obama passed those import laws it stopped the Russian guns and ammo from coming in which trashed the market. My saiga cost me $300ish but now they cant be found for less than 2x that...it seems the 80's and 90's were better times for the AK and id love to see them make a comeback...im not dropping 1k on an ak though which is what decent ones are going for. Everything ive seen for sale has been Century,I.O., PSA, wasrs and an occasional yugo...the yugo seems neat but not at $900. The Maadi , mak 90 and Saiga conversions are what i want to see make a comeback and be sold for decent (sub $750) prices.
  • My old Romy G runs just as well as any Russian, Chinese, or Egyptian AKs.

  • Romys are wasrs right? Ive been reading this post over on ar15.com http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_4_64/159106_AK_abuse__home_built_version_update_on_Page_6_.html the Wasrs look impressive according to the info in that link the wasr outlasted N-paps,RPDs and saigas etc etc... the guy who started the thread in that link provides plenty of data and proof to the wasrs durability . my only issue is i dont know jack shit about the AKM really ,just bits and peices of stuff ive heard but it seems with wasrs you either get a really good one or really shitty one and theres a 50/50 chance itll have various minor issues like canted sights.
  • The canted sights and such are pretty much things of the past now, and they were all the fault of the shitty assembly by the "Angry Beavers" at Century Arms.

  • angry beavers?
  • Hhahahahhaahaaaaa that is an old nickname that Century's assembly guys got, in part because they would use PIPE WRENCHES to take off/put on surplus barrels and left the teeth chatter, very sloppy work.

    Do a search .... "angry beavers at century arms nickname"

  • Well hell..I might just get me a wasr after i get a majority of the parts for my AR builds...they arnt too bad price wise i see them for sub $600 all the time. At one point i was gonna buy an arsenal sl something something for $800ish but my buddy talked me out of it...they sent his rifle with canted sights and a small crack in the back of the reciever...he paid $1300 for his and it came f***** up out of the box ...then the CS lady asked him if he even knew what he was doing that he didnt sound very knowledgeable and he told her hes used one on a two way range and has converted several saigas then asked her about her credentials and she just laughed like an asshole and said Arsenal would check it out but shipping would be on his dime...what a joke no way in a hell do i wanna deal with or support them.
  • three things in this world wil always be good in this world----Christ, kids and Kalashnikov

  • So you only like russian AKs then? because Wasrs,Mak90s,Century and yugos aint kalashnikov but thier AKs.
  • @JWF said:
    So you only like russian AKs then? because Wasrs,Mak90s,Century and yugos aint kalashnikov but thier AKs.

    oh hust j-dubb
    btw, how ya been lil homie, hows fatherhood treatin ya

  • No sleeep,moody woman and cute little brats running around...its been pretty good ....even though Oregon is going off the deep end lol.
  • Sorry to hear about your luck lately man....sounds like better days are heading your way though...just gotta keep on keepin on..anyways ..back to our dirty commie rifle discussion..What kind of Ak do you run?
  • I got a MAK 90 and a WASR, my fave that I've shot is a Maadi

  • The mak90 is best looking ak ever made imo. Is there a difference performance wise between the Mak90 and Wasr?
  • not that I can tell, but I dont go shooting but every 3 months or so, and I rarely shoot either of those because they are both at thelease

  • null
    You should see my Saiga. I paid $460 for it, had a few things done, and I could sell it now for $1000 at minimum. Guys in my local gun shop ask me all the time when I’m ready to make a grand easy hehe. I’ll never sell it though. Once a weapon is named, it shan’t be sold.
  • you should post some pics....we nedd some gun porn in here
  • So when people say that AK parts are easier to make and improvise with when compared to rifles like the AR15, what do they mean? It looks a little simpler but does the loose tolerances make improvised repairs easier or something?
  • The only way Ill get back into the AK game is if Izhmash finds a way to bring in really cool stuff that I want, like a Vityaz pistol with a side folder trunnion under the sheetmetal and the stock latch already installed on the left side.
  • I dont know shit about AKs but I am curious about them. Is the ammo easy to to find? I looked at the local wal mart and they didnt have any but bi mart had 2-3k on the shelves.
  • yeah wolf is still pretty cheap
  • edited November 2017
    I concur with Frank ...... I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT ONE !!!


    920 x 690 - 2M
  • and i thought AR15s were bad lol
  • I concur with Frank ...... I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT ONE !!!



    pastor tacticool?
  • Without all the gadgets it would look decent but some nice wood furniture on an Ak gives me a chub.
  • so does anybody here know what happened to Kalashnikov USA? They kind of disapeared but sell some Saiga 12 ga shotguns and thats about it....last year they were supposed to release a whole bunch of stuff but they never did and i couldnt find any info on why.
  • They all ended up in the Commonwealth. I can grab one private sale now for $500. Watched it work, don't want to be on the receiving end of it that's for sure!
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