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Conflicted...The Card Game / And The Discussion...#10

edited September 2017 in General

Well... I Am Glad to See that Everyone Survived the Apocalypse of 9/23/2017...

This Conflicted Scenario / Question Goes Along with the 9/23 End of the World..

" Out of all of the 'Conspiracies' in the World Today, Name 2 Conspiracy Theories that You Believe In, That Other People may think You are Crazy ..."

Briefly explain why You Believe them to be True...


  • I do believe that there is a STRONG possibility that JFK got smoked because he was about to release (the now factual) NWO game plans they claim don't exist while simultaneously using the term on public television while explaining how they will implement the exact plan they then claim is a THEORY that only nutjobs believe. 2nd, I DO believe that there was more to 911 than even the "conspiracy theorists" realise. And I believe it because I read my bible. Call me nuts, don't care, used to it. Lol

  • I think there were people from "the swamp"/NWO behind 9/11 working with the islamic radicals and the whole ordeal was/is part of a bigger picture not just oil either ...but a power play from the NWO... they used something tragic to further thier agenda and they kicked us... the people.. in the nuts while we were down. Besides 9/11 i believe the UN was gearing up to make moves and Obama was 100% behind it but Clinton lost and Trump came out of nowhere and has really fucked the deep states gameplan up so its all dying down for now.
  • Antarctica holds many strange secrets.....

    D.H. Byrd, relative to Admiral Byrd, owned the Texas Schoolbook Depository where Oswald was working at.
    Skip to time stamp of 35:00 minutes here....

    Russia’s Top Religious Leader Performs “Ancient Ritual” In Antarctica Over Saudi Arabia’s Mysterious

  • We haven't had a new Conflicted game for awhile.

    Maybe it'd be nice to have 1 before Christmas?
  • Lol, Christmas with the family is a "Conflicted" scenario of it's own for some as it is! Hahaha!
  • Camp FEMA, and Sandy Hook.
  • Scout_one wrote: »
    Lol, Christmas with the family is a "Conflicted" scenario of it's own for some as it is! Hahaha!

    LOL. when it's time to eat here, it's survival of the fittest.
  • I agree w you list Ski. But what SPECIFICALLY about the Council of Nicaea and Nero burning Rome?
    The Council is pretty well documented. Like the Wannsee Conference except for the Catholic Church.
    And that Nero WAS or WASN'T complicit in Rome's burning as a means of "urban renewal?"
    There's no ? in MY mind that both these are Schanden. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Schande#German
    Yet Nero had little other recourse under the Current Political System to enact retroactive Health, Safety and Sanitation Codes on pre-existing Tenements. So only the mass destruction allowed better and safer edifices to replace them.
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