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I'm looking for a quality dropleg holster for my 1911

I'm looking for one that doesn't stick out off the leg, all the kydex holsters stick out too far and also ware the blueing.

What recommendations do you folks have as far as manufacturers and types of drop leg holsters?


  • HEHEHEHEhehehehehe that is if your not gear snob, it's also the one that we use and have never had any issues with.

  • I couldnt get into drop leg holsters and one of the last rifle/handgun cqc type classes i took the instructor didnt recomend them, having things strapped to your leg like that messes with your mobility according to him ... and besides that even with a good leg panel it rubs the shit out of your thigh..or at least it did for me. for non concealed carry type holsters i run a basic owb style safariland ALS holster i remove the pos paddle attachment and put a drop holster attachment that drops it about 2" , it might be open top but the thumb retention device works pretty good and its pretty fast. The drop puts the holster in a good spot..at least for me. The holster can be found for $35-40 and the drop attachments are around $20 off amazon.
  • i have a Safari drop leg rig. i only use it if i have to wear heavy armor vest. other than that i dont really like wearing it. but it is a great way to get clearance from body armor.
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