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Most ridiculous ar15 accessories(article from the loadoutroom.com)

edited September 2017 in Arms Room

Mall ninjas are bumping it up a notch lately ...tire deflaters, rail mouted battle axe, axe buttstock, a handgaurd mount for your pistol etc .


  • Where the hell is the yogurt dispenser and the cappuccino maker?

  • Pistol Mounts ???

    Ah say, Do You even Transition there, Brother? and I don't mean Bruce Jenner-style >:)

  • I just ordered all four of those accessories...$46 shipped and they through in a free rail mounted air freshener!!! Score!

  • i mounted some sex toys on my Colt....im all for multi tasking...nothing like running carbine drills in bed
  • Just make sure the sex toy switch is nowhere near the rifles trigger...blow someone's twat off!

  • Well right now im considering a fleshlight...itll have to be a maglite sized one though because im wanting something similar to Hilaries "bat cave" so i can use it as a weapon too.
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