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2 budget rifles vs 1 premium grade rifle?



  • It isn't wrong to buy an item out of season at a discount price only to sell it at a normal price when there is a demand later on.
    I'm just looking at making a hundred bucks over what I paid, which would still be below most others SRP.
    And 80% receivers can be sold like candy bars, no paperwork needed at all .

  • Yeah no doubt. I was just basically getting to the point that mostly the only folks willing to pay those prices are the type of folks that really don't need those type weapons in the first place. Their knowledge of firearms is minimal at best. And they were only buying because they got skeeert. Lol

  • Before November 4th, bought me a DPMS Oracle for around $700....in case "The Broad-of-Benghazi" had seen her wildest reams come true.

    After President Trump triumphed, i sold it for $400 to support a Christmas-time charity.

    And wouldn't you know, but around this past July, got a chance to pick-up a Radical Firearms AR [bare-bones but for Ergo pistol-style grip and M-LOCK rail B) ]all to the tune of $450. Praise Your Name, LORD JESUS 'n Hallelujah !

    Now, after decking out my R-F Ay-Ar with som Magpul 'n Mission First Tactical mods, gonna be aiming for a Dissipator-style ar15 from either Wyndham Armory or Del-Ton.
    Reason is that I want an Mid-Range [ $500-$750 ] reliable and accurate with Iron/Back-Up sights for P.o.U. [Priority of Usage].

  • I got an S&W M&P AR15 and a Diamond Back AR both for real cheap.

    So far they both go bang and shoot where I want 'em to.

    (Don't worry boys! I still got plenty o' Com Blocs stashed away!)

  • whats A com bloc?
  • Communist Bloc, either AKs or SKs or variants.

  • I really wish AKs would make a comeback...I miss my saiga ...damn Obama....I wasnt old enough to buy guns during the good ol' days of AKs in the 80's or 90's(hell...i wasnt even born yet in the 80's really lol) but my Saiga was only $300 and was pretty reliable
  • For a budget minded build checkout aero precision, they are a white label company thats been making AR15 receivers for several diffrent companies. They are Heads and tails better than del ton, s&w or PSA...thier fit and finish is more on par with BCM and Daniel Defense then the other budget priced AR15s plus they have adjustment screws to tighten up the play between the upper and lowers. Anyways ..check themout http://aeroprecisionusa.com/ and before the gear snobbery conversations start ...they have legit qc now of days and get good reviews from the AR community...the only guys hating on them are guys who havnt used them or bothered checking them out.. Im rounding up parts for a more "high end" type build then im gonna build a couple Aero precision rifles. I was checking out noveske stuff for awhile but came across Ranier Arms which i like better, if your wanting more high end shit check these guys out https://www.rainierarms.com/ another newer less known brand that gets great reviews in the AR community.
  • Here is an update from "Battle Field Vegas" on the PSA Uppers and I'l stick with PSA CHF Barrelled uppers.

    Originally Posted By HendersonDefense:
    Update on Palmetto State Arms upper....

    This is pretty impressive as one of my armorers (Danny Boy) wanted me to know how long is lasted.

    This was a Palmetto State upper with the FN barrel and here's the history from the repair log:
    - Put on the line 21 MAR 15
    - Replaced bolt on 01 AUG 15, headspace good
    - Replaced bolt on 30 AUG 15, headspace good
    - Replaced bolt on 05 OCT 15, headspace good
    - Barrel is starting to keyhole, pulled off the line 10 SEP 16

    This upper has been put through the ring for almost a year and half and is now starting to keyhole. Very impressive and definitely got more than I expected out of it.

  • What was the round count? It would be cool to see actual numbers on the psa uppers. I know he said A colt 6920 lasted the longest with 80k of full auto fire on the bcg and a single barrel change and then thier were colt receivers going over 500k of full auto fire
  • I think it was like 152K.
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