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2 budget rifles vs 1 premium grade rifle?

Is two budget to rack grade rifles(PSA,spikes,Colt,BCM) gonna last longer than a single premium grade rifle?(Noveske,LaRue,LWRC)? Lets say your state bans guns completely but grandfathers in already owned firearms (and youve got a stockpile of parts), would several rack grade rifles be a better to have or a single higher grade rifle? I had a discussion on this in another thread and the whole premium grade thing kind of makes sense considering companies like lwrc do stuff like xray inspections on thier lpk....what kind of use have your rifles seen?



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    Just my opinion, I think that the BCGs, barrel materials and treatments are the biggest differences between the premium grade and budget rifles.

    I have had several PSA ARs using their budget lowers, standard uppers with the cold hammer forged barrels and never had one malfunction. I can put together two good PSAs for less the one those high dollar ARs. I don't think the extra cost is worth the trade off unless the premium grade AR will be serviceable twice as long than the PSAs with a good barrel.

    "One is none and two is one"

    Get you a good AR and then back it up with another one of at least the same grade rifle. Get the tools plus the spare parts that wear the most times two. This way you're still under 1,400 bucks and not only have spare parts but you two rifles.

    That being said, I still prefer my mini14 standard barrel (180 to 185 models) for reliability. Last year I sold an old standard model that had seen 20k rounds and was still shooting just fine.

  • There is balance in the universe. There should be balance to your firearms.

    The weapons the average Grunt gets in the military is Colt or FN, or was, and was lowest bidder quality. I never had an issue with my rifle performing the duties I needed it for if I kept it properly maintained and alerted the arms room when there was a bigger issue.

    My DPMS is still running smooth after several years, and using a 22 conversion in it making it dirty nasty as hell.

    My LWRC is smooth as silk and I've tortured it as well.

    I would go quality over quantity, how many rifles can you shoot at once? Are you really going to hand out rifles if SHTF? Are you really going to trust the people that don't have anything to not turn that rifle on you after you trade with them?

    Get the best you can afford, spare parts, and training to use it. Best doesn't necessarily mean a $3000 AR15, either though.
  • In this instance I'm going with two over one.

    The opportunity to pass these weapons on to kids grand kids I think would be the bigger benefit especially if not abused
  • makes sense , Im still kind of reading up on the more premium brands and trying to see how they compare(lwrc,Noveske and daniel defense) i like noveske but they are really doing the "cool" guy just for looks stuff it sounds like... like charging $150 for a blank bcg and $190 for the same one with a little cross or thier gen 3 stripped upper and lower set costing $600 just because its billet with fancy aesthetics yet its heavier then thier plain jane mil spec gen 1s and it uses propriety rails....I think some of it sounds pretty good but its hard to tell what im paying for ..aesthetics or a solid quality parts...I was looking at lwrc..thier complete DI rifles are only 1k or even just thier complete lowers are only $500 and i can add whatever upper i want ...Daniel Defense seems more at my Colts level instead of Noveskes or Lwrcs but i havnt read up enough to really see who makes thier stuff.
  • If you hurry you could build FOUR AR's for the price of just two .....

    .223 Wylde SA16 'Operator' Series 16" 1:8 Parkerized Carbine Builder Kit with Predator Stock Kit 12" M-LOK Handguard
    on sale $209.00
    add a parkerized BCG $69.00

    Anderson Stripped AR-15 A3 Lower Receiver, Closed Trigger
    on sale $37.99 + $4.99 shipping

  • The more the merrier.

  • Thanks P.M., I'm gonna check that out. I've got seven gandsons and I'd like to be able to put each of them one up.

  • Don't forget to at least ask for if they have any "quantity breaks" on bulk orders. Even though they are on sale it doesn't hurt to save a few more bucks even if they just decide to throw in FREE SHIPPING for you buying seven units.
    More money for magazines then !

    5.56 NATO polymer magazine with anti-tilt follower. $4.99

  • Thanks pm, i might have to check that stuff out.
  • Just make sure it is a 5.56 chamber if you plan to shoot milspec ammo
  • I kind of like psa for a budget rifle...checkout this thread on high round count ar15s/m4s from arf.com http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_3_118/677135_High_round_count_AR_M4_s__over_100_000_rounds__and_how_they_have_handled_on_our_range.html&page=1.
    the PSA rifles in that article go thousands of rounds full auto with 10-12" barrels, It seems like if your willing to inspect your rifle thoroughly that PSA is gtg...its crude a little sloppy but that guys results dont lie...i cant imagine anything (short of an ied blast or gun shot) being harder on a rifle than thousands of rounds of full auto out of an sbr. The guy in the article does switch from psa BCGS to DD or colt BCGs though.
    Im gonna get my high-end build going then ill buy a couple cheap lowers, I dont want anymore then 5-6 rifles and a pile of spare parts ...my woman dosnt like AR15s so the ARs are just for me and if that article from Arf.com is any indication of the longetivity of the AR platform then i dont really need or want more than 5-6 complete rifles.
  • FN makes Noveskes chrome lined barrels too(to Noveskes specs) and alot of people seem to think FN makes BCMs barrels too(BCM wont discuss who makes thier parts) so its kind of hard to judge how good or bad A rifles barrel is just by who made it.
  • PSA might be a budget rifle but they use FN barrels exclusively. I might put about about 2k rounds through my AR every year. I am currently building an identical one as a back up. I also keep an extra BCG, buffer spring, gas tube and lower parts kit on hand.

  • the PSA rifles in that article i posted were hitting high round counts and my first one that i sold i guess is at 6k now and hasnt been cleaned only lubed lol ...Im a fan of thier rifles ,i was mainly responding to Sradeskies post earlier on in this conversation where he pointed out that FN only got the contract because they were the lowest bidder(which is probably true) ....I thought id point out that FN makes blank m249 barrels for the premium and the budget brands but they get built to diffrent specifications, Im kind of a bcg snob but other than that I like psa...Colts are going for $620 or so for a complete rifle minus furniture.
  • Well, some a yall's fittina slap me, so, my duck is ready. My OLD SCHOOL Bushmaster has my heart, even if it is a civie 1/9 twist. After numerous INTENTIONAL abuses, and years of loyalty, that little snake still gots bite. Yes, it DOES send 855 down range just as well as it's military brothers in the 1/7 category. He's proven himself to numerous "nay sayers" time and again. I love him, he is my friend.

  • Ive got a friend that used a bushmaster over in the middle east doing security. He said they were ok rifles...the newer one i had a couple years back had a polymer lower and was A POS though, i sold it off for $1500 when the gun scare stuff went down. Windam weaponry bought the old Bushmaster plant and i hear theyre pretty much the same quality as the older Bushmasters.
  • You musta found that moron I was talking about during the reliability test thread. What kinda idiot pays that much for a toy gun? Plastic sucks. Lol

  • Well i sold my DSA Fal for close to 2k and it cost me $900ish ,my Armalite AR10 for 2k it cost me 1k and then the BM...people were being retards about it...I kind of regret selling the fal but money is money lol
  • I'm actually looking into getting a few of those kits that I posted so as to sell later at a profit along with an 80% receiver.
    Gotta grab the bargains when you can.

  • thats actually pretty smart...next time theres a gun scare you could be make some good cash on that. i wonder what the cheaper AR15s were going for during the last panic?
  • Smart? Yes. Offensive? Very much so. We had alot of gouging going on around here at that time as well. And it was dealers doing it. Most of them are no longer in business now. The private sector here wasn't fooled. We knew that if they came for them or banned them, we'd simply fly them the ole Kentucky Cardinal. Where you guys are, you'd probably get by with it.

  • lol you shouldve seen the prices around here...i told people to make me an offer on all but the Fal ....which i jacked up the price because i threw in like 30 mags(they were surplus mags that i found for $5 a piece) and my last 2-300 rounds of .308...It does kinsd of seem like some shady ass price gouging but ...then again im a sketchy red haired step child lol
  • Is it considered a straw purchase if you buy lowers with the intent of selling them later on? Im not too familiar with the laws regarding reselling firearms. Im not gonna be buying lowers to sell though..being in Oregon its just too risky and it seems like thier could be liability issues if your not an ffl...but i might buy a bunch for me while prices are down.
  • I don't know what tyrants call it. Here it's called some dude hurting for money and having to sell off some of his hobbies.

  • I don't know what tyrants call it. Here it's called some dude hurting for money and having to sell off some of his hobbies.

  • makes sense but im in a liberal blue state and if someone is talking about buying guns just to sell later ...i can see the feds turning into dickheads about it and twisting it....If its through an ffl it would probably be ok ...but private sales might get you in shit(here in Oregon we cant do private sales anymore)
  • Like I said (apparently twice, lol) I don't know what tyrants call it. Hahaha

  • Like I said (apparently twice, lol) I don't know what tyrants call it. Hahaha

  • I'm not doing that on purpose I promise, ADMIN HELP, DOUBLE POST ATTACK!

  • If you find your self wanting to get rid of that pre-purchased lower with or without the upper, put a few rounds down range with it and it becomes a used item.

    Sale implies a business exchange implying that you are a dealer required to possess an FFL.

    So refer to it as a trade not a sale.

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