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opinions on fixed magnification prism scopes?

Ive tried variable scopes at several carbine classes and did not care for them , Im running either my new Sig Romeo 7(Aimpoint comp 4 clone) or a Sig Romeo 5 red dot right now on my rifles but im wanting to try a magnified optic... im being kind of picky at the moment and want something with magnification, compact and durable ...I dont have enough for an acog at the moment and even then im unsure if i even like prism scopes so im wanting a cheaper alternative. Has anyone here used the Steiner m56(german combat optic) ,Primary arms acss, or Burris 536?
Do you guys have any tips for running prism scopes as a general purpose rifle optic(meaning 10-400 yards) for training,shtf etc?


  • Neither of those....not on my budget. Right now, only Magpul flip-up sights on mine America's Rifle.

    Rather follow the convention/ school-of-thought that restricts Prisms. Red-Dot sights for AR's/ AK's / / Pistol-caliber Carbines [PCC's]/ Sub-machine/ CQB rifles.

  • how would you deal with needing to identify something if you were out and about after shtf? Sig sells a Cheap micro dot called the Romeo 5...ive beat the hell out of one of mine and theres youtube videos of them being beat on pretty hard and even shot with a 12 ga and holding zero....hell my Romeo 5 is twice the optic that my old eotech was and i only paid $85 off ebay(i paid $140 for the other one and $260 for my Romeo 7)...I love these RDS there as good as anything short of a Trijicon MRO or Aimpoint which are 3-4x the price.

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    I got to tryout a couple fixed magnification prism scopes today. I shot about 300 rounds( well both me and my buddy who owns the optics) from ranges of 15-150 yards, One of the optics was a 4x Acog (Im not sure of the model but supposedly its identicle to the one he was issued in the military) and A Primary Arms 4x ACSS....Im familiar with the Biden Aiming concept(shooting with both eyes open) from the shooting ive done with red dots but magnification and eye relief definatley made this ackward and it will probably take alot more shooting to get good with it but i think overall i like these type of optics. I liked the Acog alot but im gonna get A Primary Arms optic and train awhile before dropping that kind of Coin($279 vs $1200).
  • And I went with Sradeskies advice(from the cheap gear thread) and asked him(A combat vet) how the Primary Arms (being a budget optic) would hold up to abuse and what his opinion on it as a serious use optic , Along with the usual "wouldve you carried that on your rifle over in Muzzie land? He said its easily as durable as an Eotech or 90% of the variable scopes out there (minus Trijicon who overengineers everything...which is a good thing) and That Primary Arms is gtg as a serious use optic but to make sure to run buis and have them zerod..just like you should do with any optic but its not an Acog and will not handle the amount of abuse the acog will(he claims hes seen an acog still functional after an ied blast trashed one). So basically if youd feel fine running an eotech or lpv scope on a "serious use rifle" then the PA should be just as durable but nothing comes close to trijicon or Aimpoint products for durability.

    Now im not doubting him being hes been on a two way range multiple times and im assuming he knows his shit(at least a little),im still curious what some of the LEOs or combat vets on here think of Prism scopes (both budget and acog models)? I dont have any experience in combat so im not in any position to question anyones opinions. im not trying to second guess anyone by asking this stuff either.
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    Did I miss or forget a conversation?

    I have been stressed lately, but.....
  • You said in your "cheap gear" post that us civies should get advice from combat vets when choosing gear thats meant for serious use.. so i did just that ....the rest of the post was me talking about my newly discovered love of prisim scopes and seeing if anyone had any tips on running them.
  • I meant the primary arms part... I know what i posted in the cheap gear section, I just don't remember ever talking about P/A scopes
  • my bad ..i mis typed that i meant i went with your advice on asking a combat vet before making decisions on gear thats meant for serious use(defensive ,shtf etc) ..as in i asked my buddy and he said that Primary Arms was decent quality although nowhere near Acog durability wise.
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