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Chat Room

So, I have the new chatroom plug in on the site now, but Im reading through everything to make sure its not going to screw anything up, and to make sure we can log in to it as part of the site, not a stand alone, and if it must be a stand alone, that we can use our site log in to log into it as well.

Details coming soon, chat room coming soon as well(hopefully).


  • OK, its running, but consider it a Beta Test. If it causes issues, Ill take it down. If it runs well, we will keep it. Taurarious and I are still in the process of working out the bugs and fine tuning the site proper, and may be for a little while based on some ideas being floated around, and have a lot on our plates of late, but its going to get there.

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    OK, see the little chat icon on the bottom right? Click it! You can create an account, or sign in as a guest. You can change your name, even if you are a guest by clicking on the name it has you logged in as.

    Click on a chatroom to join, or create a new one of your own. If you dont click on one to join, youll be in chat purgatory. You can also send private instant messages to online chatters.

    Either roll with an auto assign guest name, or use YOUR screen name here. If you are caught using someone elses SN here, you will be banned. You dont have to use your SN here, but please try to keep it so people know who you are.

    The chat room will NOT be available all the time for now. It will be intermittent until we work out a few details.

  • Chat is temporarily offline. As I said, there are bugs, and I wont leave it active permanently until they are all worked out. The biggest bug at the moment is logging in and not allowing guests to participate without logging in at all.

    Soon, though.....

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