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Problem with 80% lower

I finished milling out my polymer 80% lower yesterday and I'm having issues with the trigger and hammer pins. Every time I cock the hammer back either the hammer pin falls out of one of the holes or the trigger pin falls out of one of its holes or both. I think the problem might be that I shaved a little too much off of the inside of the pocket that the trigger mechanism sits in. What can I do to fix this?

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  • Legitimately? Throw it away and start again.

    Potentially, try anti walk pins maybe.
  • Maybe a single stage drop in trigger with anti walk pins but at that point it would be cheaper to start over. I do like the drop in trigger better though in a couple of mine.

  • I sound like you drilled the holes just a hair too big. Are the supposed to fit tight in the lower itself or in the trigger and hammer? I don't know much about building an 80% lower, but I would imagine that if you fill it with a good epoxy that you can re-machine. I don't know if I would trust a polymer lower to begin with.

  • This is the first AR that I've ever attempted to build so I'm pretty much just kinda winging it lol. I will most likely just start over and buy a drop in trigger. I was hoping I wouldn't have to start over but it is what it is. It's fun trying to figure out how to put it together though!

  • The drop-in trigger assembly might do the trick without doing anything else.

  • I'm with ski on this one.....anti walk pins are probably your only chance to salvage the receiver. If it doesn't work you aren't out much and after working on military weapons I prefer anti walk pins to begin with.
  • Drop in won't likely be the answer. If the holes are too big to keep the pins in the receiver, they will likely fall out even with a drop in. A good way to test would be test the pins in just the receiver. Test the pins in just the hammer and trigger parts.

    I still suggest fresh start, or anti walk. If you go drop in, you may just spend a lot of money on a non fix.
  • Yeah just took the hammer out and put only the pin in and I drilled the holes a little too big as they just fall out even without the hammer so I'll buy anti walk pins and see how that works. Thanks guys!

  • The anti wall are your cheapest options most likely.
  • Since we're talking about lowers.

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  • Well since we're showing off, here's my other rifle. Kel Tec SU16

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  • Your going to laugh.

    JB weld that bitch up and re drill.
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